History and Mission

The company was created in 1971, by Mr. Emili Correig and Javier Casas. They settled in a store adapted from a family farm in the same place where afterwards built a spacious workshop, and where there is still place enough to grow in the future.

From the beginning they were very clear about the objective of the company: Production of precision high quality turned parts. Hence arose the name of the company: Preciber (Precision of Iberia). Since 1995, and with the addition of the second generation, the company evolves to serve international markets with the necessary technological adaptation.

So gradually the Company achieved an important recognition and Preciber is currently a leader in Europe in the specialty of micro precision parts.
The evolution of the Company has been a constant throughout these years of trajectory:

  • Continued training of its staff, which is the basis of the Company.
  • Total and permanent reinvestment of their results, in new machines of the latest technology.
  • Business internationalization focused on production of complex parts and market diversification.